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Unless otherwise stated, all gamesaves have all legends unlocked, 9-strike combos unlocked, 1000 CAW points available in Create-A-Superstar and ShopZone completely sold out.

- I've moved Jimmy Snuka to the Series 2 Gamesave so that Rick Steiner can join Scott Steiner on the Series 1 Gamesave.
- I've updated the faces (figures and forms) for Nathan Jones, Ricky Steamboat, William Regal and Sid Vicious in the Series 1 Gamesave (formulae on the site for the CAWs have not yet been updated).

Gamesave 1: Series 1

CAW Contents: The Outsiders (Hall & Nash), Sean O'Haire, Vampiro, Nathan Jones, Lita, Willam Regal, Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Sting, The Great Muta, Juventud Guerrera, Yokozuna, Sid Vicious, Rick and Scott Steiner. Pictures can be found on each CAW's formula page here.

*** Link to Series One gamesave has been updated (it previously linked to an older gamesave file that did not contain all the CAWs listed above).

Gamesave 2: Series 2

Contents: Tommy Dreamer, Brock Lesnar, Vader and Jimmy Snuka. Pictures can be found on each CAW's formula page here, except for Vader whose page will hopefully be added shortly.

Gamesave 3: DoR 2

Contents: All completed CAWs for Day of Reckoning 2 to date.

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