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'Macho Man' Randy Savage

Credit: middlemann (MmN)
Version Date: 09.25.04

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Name: Randy Savage
Short Name: SAVAGE
Nickname: Macho Man
Strategy: DIRTY

Attributes Attributes: Strength - 6.0 Speed - 8.0 Durability - 8.0 Counter - 8.0 Charisma - 8.0 Submission - 6.0 Weight: Normal Skill Type: High Flyer

Move Set

created: 10.06.04 Disclaimer: This move set should not be considered to be 100% authentic/accurate. To the best of my ability I have tried to come up with a faithful and balanced movelist. However, my personal preferences were also a factor in composing this listing and so fun and fairness were also considerations.

Fighting Style fighting stance: Rage ring in style: Normal ring out style: Jumping apron to ring: Jumping turnbuckle climbing: Normal rising style: Normal reversal style: Edge Standing Striking light striking 1: Jab 02 light striking 2: Toe Kick 01 combo 2nd: Screw Punch combo 3rd: Back Chop combo 4th - 9th: None combo finish 1: Step Jab combo finish 2: Sledge Hammer heavy striking 1: Step Jab heavy striking 2: Missle Dropkick Standing Front Grapple light grapple 1: Eye Rake light grapple 2: Suplex light grapple 3: Scoop Slam 01 light grapple 4: Snapmare light grapple 5: Headlock Takedown heavy grapple 1: DDT heavy grapple 2: Drop Suplex heavy grapple 3: Pile Driver heavy grapple 4: Shoulder Breaker heavy grapple 5: Shoulder Breaker grappled striking 1: Punch L grappled striking 2: Headlock Smash grappled striking 3: Dancing Elbow Smash grappled striking 4: Elbow Smash-L grappled striking 5: Elbow Smash-R weapon attack: DDT to Weapon weapon attack: Couple of Strikes Standing Rear Grapple light grapple1: Hair Pull Slam light grapple 2: Back Drop light grapple 3: School Boy light grapple 4: Shin Breaker light grapple 5: Shin Breaker heavy grapple 1: Abdominal Stretch heavy grapple 2: Grapevine Choke heavy grapple 3: Russian Leg Sweep heavy grapple 4: Atomic Drop heavy grapple 5: Atomic Drop grappled striking 1: Elbow Strike grappled striking 2: Back Rake grappled striking 3: Grappling Low Blow grappled striking 4: Punch-L grappled striking 5: Punch-R Running Striking running strike 1: Back Elbow Strike running strike 2: Clothesline-R Running Grapple running front grapple: Neck Breaker running rear grapple: Face Crusher Ground Striking down strike (face up): Jumping Elbow Drop down strike (face down): Stomp 01 running down strike (face up): Front Elbow Drop running down strike (face down): Elbow Drop Ground Down Grapple (Upper) down grapple 1: Reverse Chin Lock down grapple 2: Headlock Ground Down Grapple (Side) down grapple 1: Guri Guri down grapple 2: Knee Smash Ground Down Grapple (Lower) down grapple 1: Strike to Groin down grapple 2: Half Boston Crab Flying Turnbuckle from turnbuckle standing 1: Double Axe Handle from turnbuckle standing 2: Double Axe Handle from turnbuckle down 1: Diving Knee Attack from turnbuckle down 2: Diving Knee Attack Flying Running dive to outside 1: Baseball Slide dive to outside 2: Baseball Slide springboard attack: None Flying Apron attack to outside: Vaulting Body Press from apron to outside: Double Axe Handle from top rope stand: None from top rope down: None Irish Whip Striking irish whip strike 1: Back Elbow Strike irish whip strike 2: Clothesline-R pull back strike 1: Clothesline pull back strike 2: Clothesline Irish Whip Grapple light irish whip grapple 1: Monkey Toss light irish whip grapple 2: Manhattan Drop heavy irish whip grapple 1: Back Toss heavy irish whip grapple 2: Thesz Press Knuckle Irish Whip Leap Frog Turnbuckle Dodge 01 Turnbuckle Striking turnbuckle strike: Dancing Elbow Smash turnbuckle lower strike: Stomp 01 running turnbuckle strike: Clothesline-R running turnbuckle lower strike: Jumping Elbow Drop Turnbuckle Front Grapple light turnbuckle grapple 1: Mixed Strikes light turnbuckle grapple 2: 10 Punches heavy turnbuckle grapple 1: Superplex heavy turnbuckle grapple 2: Sky High Superplex turnbuckle lower grapple: Face Trample on turnbuckle: Throw Turnbuckle Rear Grapple light turnbuckle grapple 1: Face Slam to Pole light turnbuckle grapple 2: Shoulder Thrusts heavy turnbuckle grapple 1: Super Back Drop heavy turnbuckle grapple 2: Sky High Back Drop on turnbuckle: Super Back Drop Double Team front: Double Suplex rear: Double Back Drop sandwich: Double Power Bomb irish whip: Double Arm Drag front turnbuckle: Double Piledriver rear turnbuckle: Neck Breaker Bomb Taunt taunt 1: Wrist Check taunt 2: Time Out! taunt 3: Legend Killer taunt 4: Raised Hand Shaking taunt special: Magician of Arabia taunt on turnbuckle: Taunt 06 taunt at apron: Clapping Hands 01 taunt after win: Cade Other Grapple grapple to apron: Suplex grapple from apron: Suplex rope down grapple: Rope Guillotine reversal attack 1: Push Down reversal attack 2: Snap & Roll testing power: Toe Kick Other Attack From Edge grapple at edge: Throw attack from edge 1: Missle Dropkick attack from edge 2: Diving Elbow Drop 01 Special special 1: front grapple - Evenflow DDT special 2: rear grapple - Rolling Back Drop special 3: irish whip grapple - Sleeper Hold special 4: attack from turnbuckle - Diving Elbow Drop 01 special 5: front turnbuckle grapple - Shattered Dreams special 6: None special 7: None special 8: None momentum shift: Super Eye Poke

Appearance (Notes: Savage's attire and appearance are from Wrestlemania III.)

FIGURE (WHOLE) (0,+10,0 )

HEAD Hairstyle: Form - Straight Long 02, Color - Brown (top row, 5th from left) Eyes: Eye Shape - Corner Of The Eye Wide, Eyelashes - Male Eye Wrinkle 01, Iris - Small Brown 01 Eye Brow: Form - Wide Tip Thin, Color - Dark Brown (top row, 6th from the left) Nose: Form - Sharp Mouth: Form - Thin Lips 02 Mustache: Form - Beard 07, Color - Default Outline: Face Line 06 Wrinkles: Wrinkle 01 Decoration(Lower): None Decoration(Upper): None Mask: None Figure (FACE): Face (+40,-50,-10,0,+50 ), Cheekbones (-30,0,-20,0 ), Outline (+60,+50,+40 ), Jaw (+40,+20,+60 ), Eyebrow (-10,-70,-10,+20,+20,-40,+10 ), Eyes (+20,-10,+10,-10,-10,0,0,-5 ), Nose (+40,0,0,0,-30,-5 ), Mouth (+30,+10,+60,0,+20,+50 ), Lip Angle (+50,-40,+30 )

BODY Body: Form - Normal, Color - Custom Grey #1 (H:0 S:15 B:45 ) Inner Wear: None Outer Wear: None Bottom Wear: Base: Form - Short Tights 01, Color - Pink (top row, 4th from the right) Pattern 1: Form - None Pattern 2: Form - Abdomen Accent 03, Color 1 - pink, Color 2 - White (1st, top row) Figure (BODY): Crown (-20,-50,-70 ), Head (+4,+4,+4 ), Neck (+30,-30,+10 ), Shoulder (-14,0,0 ), Upper Arm (0,+4 ), Forearm (0,0 ), Hand (-4,-4,-4 ), Chest (+10,0 ), Abdomen (+4,0 ), Waist (+4,-20,+10 ), Thigh (+8,+0 ), Calf (-14,0 ), Feet (-20,-20,-20 )


ACCESSORIES Tattoo: None Elbow: None Wrist: Form(Both) - Bandage Short, Color - White Hand: Form(Both) - Bandage 02, Color - Custom White #1 (H:0 S:0 B:90 ) Knee: Form(Both) - Knee Pad, Color 1 & 2 - Yellow (2nd row, 4th from the right) Socks: Form - High Socks, Color 1 - Custom White #1, Color 2 & 3 - Default Footwear: Base: Form - Ring Shoes Long 02, Color 1 - Yellow, Color 2 - White, Color 3 - Custom White #1 Pattern: None

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