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CAWs - Day of Reckoning 2


OKAY, it's pretty sparse, but i'm focusing on trying to get the content up as quickly as possible. i only have a half dozen CAWs to add, so it shouldn't be too long.

Thanks for visiting my Create-A-Wrestler website for WWE Day of Reckoning 2.

Even though it's early, I would appreciate any feedback on the site (especially broken links, typos, etc.) and you can contact me via e-mail(E-mail Address UPDATED). Stay classy - CAW fan.

- MmN

News & Updates

CAWs I'm currently working on as well as recent/pending updates to the site.


Ricky Steamboat, Brock Lensar, Vader, Sean O'Haire, Gail Kim & Test(some include moves sets).


A gallery of custom logos/designs that have been made in WWE Day of Reckoning.


The CAWs found on this site are also available in Gameshark Gamesaves files. Go to this page to download them.


Links to other CAW sites. If you're a fan of CAWs in general, I'd suggest you check out these sites too.

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